Ways to Prevent Hurricane Damage

When it strikes, the hurricane will not give you time to prepare. The thing you need to do when the winds start raising their voice is finding a safe place for your family and yourself. You leave everything behind. But there are things you can do when the news warn you that a hurricane is on its way to make your house less susceptible to damage. Save it for a rainy day, as people would say. Let us help you take the proper measures before the storm hits.

As Simple as Plywood

We will start with the simplest solution, which is nailing some plywood to secure all doors and windows. Such a measure can be taken even when you have not prepared a couple of days in advance. You may need to drill holes into the bricks of your house, and you may need some assistance with it. Nonetheless, plywood is relatively easy to attach and use as protection.

Shutters Everywhere

More advanced technology would be to install shutters. The diversity of models on the market does not define their level of protection. Colonial, Accordion or Bahama – the shutter system is a reliable damage prevention technique which can be on display throughout the whole year. There are also specific shutters essentially for areas where hurricanes hit more often.

Windows Like It Thick

Another strategy which requires installation prior to the threat is providing your windows with hurricane glass. Your windows could benefit from this material a great deal. The house will be safe from the debris that the wind carries around because the glass is exceptionally thick and windproof.

Do Not Let Your Garage Door Fail You

Make sure your garage door will also stand in place when the hurricane knocks on it. Such a protection measure needs to be taken into account when you are purchasing a garage door and not after. You would want to be equipped with special braces which can withstand the heaviest winds. They might cost a bit more than standard garage doors but in the long-term will turn out to be a cheaper investment.

The Roof Belongs up There

The roof above your head could be the most crucial part of the house to protect. One way to keep it whole and in place is by nailing the trusses or by purchasing hurricane straps to keep the wind at bay. Such actions are so simple to perform that it would be a shame not to secure your home.

No Floods Allowed

To save yourself any large-scale restorations after a storm, create a flood barrier. You could use sandbags, water-filled bottles, portable walls, etc. Although these objects would not have the potency to prevent damage caused by massive storms, you should not rule them out yet. They will keep the interior of your house during less destructive storms. However, as you know, small damage can lead to huge problems.

Remember that if you have not prepared for a severe storm that is coming your way, you should worry about yourself first. The house comes second. If you need to evacuate, do that without thinking about your possessions. Nonetheless, always prepare for the worst, especially if you live in an area where hurricanes are regular visitors. Protect your house in advance so that you can take care of yourself afterward.