Twitter Purges 300K Trump Followers, Ari Fleischer Loses 4K

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This is PM Modi's personal Twitter account, which is the third most followed Twitter handle globally after those of US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.

Social blade, a software that helps track social media stats, threw interesting insights into how politicians fared after Twitter's war on fake followers.

Twitter's move to remove suspicious accounts from users' followers has hit the follower count of several eminent persons across the world.

Singer Katy Perry saw more than 3 million of the 110 million followers on her Twitter account suddenly vanish, while Justin Bieber's social media account shrunk by 1.4 million.

BJP chief Amit Shah has reportedly lost around33,363 followers.

The head of the company's legal team, Vijaya Gadde, said that most accounts would only lose around four followers as a result of the new measures.

Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal also lost about a million from his 15.3 million followers, and Oprah lost about 1.4 million followers, the Times reports.

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Meanwhile, Twitter accounts across the globe saw a drop in their follower count as the micro-blogging site removed "locked accounts" - accounts which have not validated their ownership.

While it can not be said for certain that the fluctuation in follower counts is attributable to the follower purge,'s analysis of these accounts show there has been some considerable change among some of the country's most-followed politicians and political accounts.

Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist Bill Gates lost almost 900,000 followers, while basketball star LeBron James' follower count dropped by 880,000.

Twitter had announced the cleanup on Wednesday in reforms it said were aimed at safeguarding the confidence in follower counts.

"People having an artificially-inflated follower count made up of bots and redundant accounts is at best deceiving and at worst, fraud".

Twitter is now clamping down on problem accounts, including all locked accounts. Officials said this will help make Twitter a "more trusted service for public conversation".

According to data analytics website Twitter Audit, Modi, Kejriwal and Gandhi together have a combined Twitter credibility of just 35% - only 35 out of every 100 followers on an average are "real people".