Colbert, NARAL Mock Brett Kavanaugh for Being Named Brett

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Democrats intend to press the issue at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to persuade their colleagues to vote against him.

No date has been set for confirmation hearings.

But the Senate's top Republican, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, hailed a "superb choice" in Kavanaugh and urged senators to "put partisanship aside".

But that may be a tall order.

With Trump being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and facing lawsuits from both private individuals and states, a Supreme Court with Kavanaugh could rule presidents do not have to testify in criminal proceedings and can pardon themselves.

In addition, Kavanaugh's handed down a concurring opinion in the 2015 case Priests for Life v. HHS, in which the Appeals Court for District of Columbia circuit upheld accommodations for faith-based nonprofits to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act's requirement that employers include contraception in the insurance plans they offer to employees.

Grassley said a speedy confirmation wasn't necessarily the goal. Remember, he consulted with them during the selection process. Senate Republican moderates Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have been very receptive to Kavanaugh's nomination, easing pressure from the right that they could sink this SCOTUS nominee if they defect. Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 majority. John McCain of Arizona.

He also took part in legal action over the vote recount in the state of Florida during the 2000 presidential election. Though there is a good chance the latest challenge to Obamacare will make it to the Supreme Court, judges typically won't articulate specific positions on cases moving through the courts. And in this case, the muddled messaging threatens to dampen a new surge of voter enthusiasm just a few months before midterm elections. Fellow members of the Democratic Party, can we grow up?

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"I intend to review Judge Kavanaugh's decisions on the bench and writings off the bench, and pay careful attention to his responses to questions posed by my colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee", Murkowski said in a statement after the announcement. The two GOP senators also support access to abortion services.

Troy Covington, a practicing litigator with Supreme Court-related expertise, told Business Insider on Tuesday that Kavanaugh's record on abortion is less clear-cut than some on the left make it out to be.

"We'll try to do what we can to accommodate everybody's interest", he said.

The group, America First Policies, is launching the ads Wednesday in the home states of North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly.

Kavanaugh in the past has made statements about respecting precedent that could help in winning over senators, particularly Murkowski and Collins.

". In that speech he was praising Chief Justice [William] Rehnquist's dissent in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and the subsequent 1992 Casey decision that effectively affirmed this phantom right to abortion", he tells OneNewsNow.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, battling for reelection in a state Trump won in 2016, in a statement on Kavanaugh's nomination, said the "Supreme Court will ultimately decide if almost 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions will lose their healthcare". "That sounds less like a Supreme Court justice and more like a waiter at Ruby Tuesday".

Ever since Kavanaugh was tagged by President Trump, Congressional Democrats have promised staunch opposition to Kavanugh's confirmation - arguing that the nominee would rollback abortion rights along with many other progressive Supreme Court rulings.