Who will Trump nominate to Supreme Court? Time, how to watch, livestream

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Kavanaugh, 53, had always been mentioned in Washington chatter as a potential high court choice by a Republican president because of his educational background, intellectual firepower and an unyielding commitment to a legal approach championed by conservative Supreme Court justices such as Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr.

The Utah Republican said Monday of Barrett: "I don't think she's going to be the one who's chosen this time".

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, voiced her opposition on Twitter. Trump signed Kavanaugh's nomination papers Monday evening in the White House residence.

While the president has been pondering his choice, his aides have been preparing for what is expected to be a tough confirmation fight. He released a list of judges he would consider for the court in 2016 and reiterated his use of that list after Kennedy's retirement.

Mike Sacks, a reporter for the Fox television affiliate in NY and a self-described lapsed lawyer, was among the first to make the connection on Twitter. But Indiana's Joe Donnelly, North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia's Joe Manchin all say they won't attend. Ten Democrats from states that Trump won are up for re-election this fall and will be under tremendous pressure to back the president's nominee. Whatever they decide will upset a large group of voters in their home states. Eastern time during a prime-time address in the White House's East Room.

"I'm very confident with this president's enthusiasm and with Leader [Mitch] McConnell's enthusiasm that they can get anybody confirmed", Leo told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday.

Democrats who plan to oppose Trump's nominee are focusing on two Republican moderates, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, hoping to turn them against Trump's selection. "A judge must be independent, must interpret the law, not make the law, must interpret statutes as written, and must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent", Kavanaugh said.

Trump, meanwhile, said that he does not ask about a nominee's "personal opinions".

Senators are trying to frame the debate before Trump's 9 p.m. announcement.

Democrats are expected to draw from the Starr report Kavanaugh helped write to criticize Trump - the report argued a president could be impeached for lying to staff or misleading the public.

With little warning, the Republican administration announced it is freezing payments under an "Obamacare" program that protects insurers with sicker patients from financial losses. The nominee appointed to the position will fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

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Each of the candidates has a judicial paper trail and list of past comments that could concern Trump and that will be highlighted by Democrats in a confirmation hearing but also draw conservative support. It's the same court that produced three current high court justices. "Senators should do the same, we should evaluate this president's nominee fairly, based on his or her qualifications and treat the process with respect and dignity that it deserves", he added.

Trump announced the pick at a White House ceremony on Monday night, and the White House subsequently issued a statement.

Former New Hampshire Sen.

Last year, Trump picked Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

Savoring the suspense, Trump has sought to keep people guessing in the final hours, hoping to replicate his successful announcement of Justice Neil Gorsuch previous year. Bob Casey, D-Pa.

In his presidency of less than two years, this would be his second Supreme Court judge nomination.

He did not reveal his short list. but he is believed to be considering three men and one woman, all of whom have strong conservative credentials.

Senate rules still leave Democrats with scant options to block confirmation by themselves, though Trump must prevent Republican defections.

Neil Gorsuch, 50, who was appointed by Mr Trump past year, is already one of the most conservative of the court's nine justices.

Before the president has even made his announcement, advocacy groups are making clear they will play an important role in the coming fight. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of IN and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

The campaign will include a biographical ad about the nominee. Justice Kennedy devoted his career to securing liberty. "And I believe this person will do a great job", Trump said as he prepared to return to Washington from a weekend at his New Jersey golf club.