Family has son wearing Kyrie Irving jersey, playing National Basketball Association 2K at wake

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In photos, Matthews is seen sitting upright in a chair while wearing a Kyrie Irving Celtics jersey and playing video games with a controller in his hand.

But in the aftermath of pure tragedy, Renard's family memorialized his life at his wake by displaying him in position doing what he loved most: Playing NBA2K and cheering for his Celtics.

The New Orleans native will be buried Tuesday. For his wake, they chose to have him in a recliner wearing a Kyrie Irving jersey and matching socks, playing National Basketball Association 2K, with junk food on the side.

Renard Matthews' mother said her son, who died two weeks ago, was a big Kyrie Irving fan.

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The family released images from the wake.

Food placed on the table next to him included a fizzy cola drink, Doritos and some chocolate cereal, which had been placed on the floor.

The body of a dead teenager, Renard Matthews, was dressed and propped up in a chair while surrounded by his favourite snacks for a freakish memorial service held by his family.