Police Officer Rushed To Hospital Over Concerns Of Exposure To Nerve Agent

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A man and a woman were found unconscious near Salisbury.

An worldwide situation has just become more complicated with the news that a couple is now being treated for Novichok poisoning, the same potent nerve agent used on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England, in March.

Police declared a major incident on Wednesday after Sturgess and then Rowley collapsed on Saturday.

Britain has accused Russian Federation of poisoning the Skripals with the nerve agent - developed by the Soviet military during the Cold War - at the former spy's home in Salisbury, a city a few miles from Amesbury in southwest England.

A police officer who attended the Great Western Hospital in Swindon this evening with suspected nerve agent symptoms has been given the all clear, police say.

The poisoning of the Skripals, who were found slumped over on a park bench in Salisbury, sparked a minor worldwide incident, with the United Kingdom blaming Russian Federation and Moscow denying all responsibility.

Police suspect they were exposed through a contaminated item left over from the first attack, which Britain blames on Russian Federation.

The Skripals spent weeks in critical condition after being attacked in the southwest England city of Salisbury in March. "The British side has never presented any compelling evidence to support the baseless allegations of Russia's involvement", he said. Authorities said Thursday they believe two new victims, who were hospitalized in critical condition Saturday, were not directly targeted but sickened as a effect of the previous attack.

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British forensic investigators are continuing to search for the source of the lethal nerve agent.

Police believed the pair had secondary exposure to the chemical weapon used in the attack on the Skripals.

British Security Minister Ben Wallace spoke to the BBC on Thursday.

On a positive note, hospital officials say no unit is better qualified to treat these victims, after all, their teams have been through this before.

After some four months elapsing between the incidents, some experts believe it is unlikely that the poison would have remained so potent if it had been left exposed to the elements.

The unexplained poisoning of two British citizens with no immediately apparent link to Russian Federation has raised public health concerns in Salisbury, where a massive decontamination effort took place after the Skripals were poisoned.

Friday morning, they erected new barriers around Rowley's house. In a televised statement in the House of Commons, he added that the latest couple is thought to have been exposed to the nerve agent at a location not previously associated with the Skripals incident.