Protester removed from Statue of Liberty after immigration demo

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The woman climbed to the pedestal of the statue at about 3:30 p.m. EDT and sat down or leaned against the folds of the statue's robes, live CBS video showed.

While she reportedly acted alone in the statue climb, the woman is affiliated with Rise and Resist, a group that had separately demonstrated at the statue on Wednesday.

The Park Police already had arrested about 10 members of a "Resistance" group for unfurling a banner saying "Abolish I.C.E." at the statue park to demand that immigration enforcement end.

Activists with the group Rise and Resist say they hung the banner to protest USA immigration policy.

Local media first reported that demonstrators opposed to President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance with illegal immigration protested there and that the woman was among the demonstrators.

As they approached, she initially moved away, took off her shoes and appeared to be starting to climb further.

Officers put a harness and ropes on Okoumou and helped her climb down a ladder. They spoke to her for about three hours before she was brought down.

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After almost four hours on the statue, the woman finally accompanied police down off the monument, tethered to them by wires.

Earlier, several people hung a banner emblazoned with a message about abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement from the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and were arrested. We've got five things to know about her.

After almost four hours on the statue, the woman finally accompanied police down off the monument, tethered to them by wires.

Jay W Walker, an organiser and board member of Rise and Resist, told CNN the theme of the protest was that Lady Liberty is weeping over the unconstitutional excesses of ICE under the Trump administration. That resulted in more than 2,000 children being separated from their parents within six weeks this spring.

"It is a vertical climb and there's not many foot holds or anything", Statue of Liberty spokesman Jerry Willis told "CBS This Morning". She refused to go to the police and would not leave or come down. Earlier that afternoon, seven people were apprehended for holding a banner that read "ABOLISH ICE" off the base below the statue, which is technically called Fort Hood.

Okoumou, who emigrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1994, highlighted her opposition to the Trump administration and its immigration policies.