Samsung Messages app randomly sends photos to phone contact list

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Samsung users in the United States are reporting that their phones are sending text messages with attachments from their photo gallery to random contacts without explicit permission.

There's no definitive list of Samsung phone models affected yet, and the issue may be related to recent software updates pushed to phones. This means that some people who have been impacted by this bug won't really know what has happened until they're informed by the recipient. The apparent bug isn't always texting out one or two photos from the user's stream: In some cases, it's exporting their entire gallery. There was a record of the message in that person's phone carrier logs, but not within the app.

Affected individuals say their phones have started sending messages to one of their contacts with their full photo gallery.

A comment on that post by another user said his wife's phone did the same thing as did his own phone.

Samsung's smartphones may not be randomly bursting into flames now, but a odd and creepy new problem has appeared: some users are having photos randomly and quietly sent to other people. Errors included scheduled text messages ending up in the wrong threads. Head to the app settings in your Galaxy phone and make sure Samsung Messages can no longer access your storage.

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Samsung says it is investigating the issue, which may be caused by an update to the texting app Samsung Messages.

According to Gizmodo, Samsung is actively looking into the matter, but it's not yet clear why this is happening or how widespread it might be - particularly if it's true that these pictures are being sent without leaving any record.

Samsung is encouraging those experiencing this issue to call the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

'I think it has something to do with the Samsung SMS app being updated from the Galaxy Store.