Sanju celeb review: Bollywood town hails Ranbir Kapoor’s film

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Raj Kumar Hirani is the director and he produced the movie along with Vidhu Vindodh Chopra. In the first five-minute conversation of Sanjay Dutt with his wife we are introduced to the thought that his life has been wrongly reported in the media. She is the best among the supporting actors in the film. Both the actors were playing their respective characters, Anushka being a biographer and Ranbir playing Sanju.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor in the titular role, the film features an ensemble that includes Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, Paresh Rawal, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and Vicky Kaushal, all of whom are playing various characters loosely-based on real-life people from Dutt's controversial life.

Paresh Rawal ably portrays the role of his father but seems like the makers might have taken some liberties in portraying this bond honestly. Her name in the film is Ruby and separation from her meant a lot to the already troubled actor. Ranbir Kapoor is nothing short of brilliant in the film, but Vicky Kaushal nearly steals the spotlight with a superb performance as Kamlesh. Sure, while few sections of the media do engage in spicy gossips, that can't be the central theme of a mainstream Bollywood film.

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In this 161-minute tribute to the actor who helped spark his film-making career, Hirani brushes under the carpet the less tidy aspects of Dutt's life.

As the film released today, twitteratis or should we say Salman Khan Fans started spreading negative reviews for the film. He is one of the rare bad guys in the Hirani universe.