Dem congresswoman among anti-Trump protesters arrested inside Capitol office building

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President Trump responded to the recent Democrat backlash in a rally from North Dakota on Wednesday.

Demonstrators are planning a Saturday "Day of Action" with #FamiliesBelongTogether protests across the country.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand posted video of the demonstration, saying the women were protesting "this inhumane policy by the Trump administration to separate families at the border".

In all, Capitol police arrested at least 575 women for the misdemeanor offense of unlawfully demonstrating in the Capitol.

Among those arrested in the senate building were Pramila Jayapal, a Democratic member of Congress representing Seattle.

United States Capitol Police charged almost 575 individuals with "unlawfully demonstrating", according to a Capitol Police statement Thursday.

Thursday's march was one of several Washington demonstrations this week to rebuke Trump's immigration policies.

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"When we were advocating to keep families together and end family separations, we were not advocating for family incarceration", said Linda Sarsour, one of the leaders of the Women's March.

Jayapal said she was arrested along with more than 500 other women at the Hart Senate Building while protesting the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy. They said people who were charged and fined could pay 24 hours after their arrests, but it was not clear who had been fined and how much.

Under Trump's "zero tolerance" policy, the government has begun prosecuting all migrants caught entering the country without authorization.

"I have two kids, and as a white mother, there is nearly no circumstance that they would be taken away from me - ever", said Victoria Farris, who slept Wednesday night in All Souls Church after participating in civil disobedience training. "Camps for children is just as wrong as camps for children and adults". "They are here until they get arrested", she said.

Three U.S. congressmen were arrested previous year for protesting President Trump's immigration policies, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Organizers of the D.C. rally also plan protests in 351 congressional districts around the country.