Supreme Court Decision Will Cost Consumers

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In criticizing Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, Trump said Amazon did not collect sales taxes.

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision overturns a 1992 court ruling that limited state tax authority to sales by businesses physically in the state. Those retailers understandably have had concerns over the years when they faced increasingly intense competition from online sellers who, in some cases, boasted that purchases from their sites were not subject to the same taxes that would need to be added to the price of the same goods from a local store.

Nevertheless, the court stopped short of giving its full blessing to the South Dakota law, stating that the taxpayers had made other challenges to the law and those need to be addressed by the state courts first. So it passed a law requiring all but the smallest retailers, including Internet companies, to collect taxes on the sales they make in the state, even if they had no physical presence there.

Still, the group says federal legislation is necessary to spell out details on how sales tax collection will take place, rather than leaving it to each of the states to interpret the court's decision.

While this ruling is beneficial to state governments, it stands to have a negative impact on retailers and consumers alike.

"I understand that the customer is going to have to pay more".

Lauren Boggs Meslar has been selling patterned paper straws, hemp gift cords and other lifestyle goods on Etsy since 2012, relying on sales from the Etsy shop and her own e-commerce website to "help pay the bills" for her family.

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States also still must announce dates by which retailers must be in compliance, says Scott Peterson, a vice president at Avalara, a manufacturer of tax collection software.

"The Supreme Case opens the opportunity for Oklahoma to craft more laws in the future that applies to a broader range of entities that are out of state", she said.

The conservative chief justice, John Roberts, dissented along with liberal Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Sellers who use eBay and Etsy, which provide platforms for smaller sellers, also aren't required to collect sales tax nationwide. Many small online sellers may use Amazon's platform as it will collect and remit sales tax for them.

The tax compliance software and services are created to work with the programs retailers use to process their sales transactions. The court corrected a fundamental unfairness in sales tax collections, and state legislators have an obligation to follow up. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office estimated last year that collecting sales tax on all remote sales could bring state and local governments in Florida anywhere from $486 million to $758 million a year.

"It's great to have an even playing field for business and not only that, but sales tax is really important to our communities and important to our state".

In a previous statement before the overturning of Quill vs North Dakota, Rauschenberger said North Dakota was "missing out on up to $50 million in revenue each year".