Instagram Launches IGTV, an App for Long-Form Videos

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Instagram first launched in October 2010, which means it took less than eight years for it to hit that 1 billion user mark.

Instagram today announces that it will soon be rolling out IGTV, a new app specifically designed for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators. As well as the stand-alone app, you'll also be able to watch the videos, which can be up to an hour long, straight from the Instagram app.

Instagram says the new app will include features like being able to begin watching content from people you already follow on Instagram right when you launch the app. The company is calling the app as "a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favourite Instagram creators." . Since then, the video-sharing website has ballooned to a user base of 1.8 billion, becoming a platform for aspiring content creators looking to strike it big. Viewing the videos is also possible within the Instagram app as well. It's called IGTV, and is ostensibly a mashup of Instagram Stories and YouTube.

When users open the app, IGTV starts playing immediately. The IGTV app will play content immediately upon opening it and there will be separate sections for the people you follow as well as what's popular at the moment.

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The site reports that while videos of up to one hour will be allowed, the company is encouraging a target of ten minutes, with celebrities and other established content creators leading the way.

The longer videos will also be available through a tab in the original Instagram application. Simple, we've all seen videos shot on a mobile phone in portrait mode and they don't display well on the invariable landscape video players, so Instagram have gone portrait for video.

Finally, before signing off, Kevin revealed that IGTV is ad-free for now, but that will not continue as they wanted to help content creators monetise their content, and ad-revenue-sharing would be a possible avenue to do that.

You need to create an IGTV channel so people can easily find and watch videos you've uploaded to IGTV. Instagram itself now has more than a billion users.