SHOCKING: Woman who went missing found inside giant python's belly

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She probably didn't die inside the snake: A reticulated python secures its prey with a bite, then wraps its body around the victim, squeezing down until the victim can not breathe, before consuming, according to the Associated Press.

A 14.85 meter-long (49 feet) reticulated python curls in a box in Curugsewu, Central Java, Indonesia, Sunday, Dec. 28, 2003.

The woman, Wa Tiba, went to check on her vegetable garden on Muna Island on Thursday but didn't return. Indonesian villagers claimed to have captured the 447 kilograms (985 pounds) python.

Giant pythons, which regularly exceed six metres, are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. They are widespread in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Tiba's entire family and about 100 other villagers then went in search of her.

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An Indonesian mother has died after being swallowed whole by a 23-foot-long python.

The Chief of local police, Agus Ramos said, "The villagers who were suspicious brought the python back to the village and cut it open".

"When they cut open the snake's belly they found Tiba's body still intact with all her clothes", Faris said.

Wa Tiba, 54, had been swallowed by the 8.22 metre (27ft) reptile while gardening. Their suspicions proved correct as the human body was found inside its belly.

After prying apart the snake's skin and stomach, the woman's fully-clothed and perfectly whole, slime-covered body is revealed. Staying in the same region as that of a big python is never advised as these natural constrictors when coming in contact with humans will exhibit their natural behaviour.