Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah unpack 'infuriating' details in James Comey report

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President Donald Trump disputed findings by the Justice Department on Friday that former FBI Director James Comeys handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe was not politically motivated, declaring that the FBI was biased “at the top level” and “plotting against my election.”.

Now that one day's worth of dust has settled following the release of the report on the actions of the FBI during the 2016 election campaign from the Office of Inspector General, we can say the truth - not surprisingly - is somewhere between the "total disaster" for the Bureau that President Trump says it is and the nothing burger Democrats and left-wing media claim it is.

Trump says in a pair of tweets that now that he's back from his summit with North Korea, "the thought process must sadly go back to the Witch Hunt".

Law enforcement officials previously told Reuters the information was leaked to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an adviser to the Trump campaign.

The inspector general's report also detailed political bias at the FBI but concluded the bias did not keep the bureau from coming to the conclusions it did in the probe of Clinton.

Beyond the text message referring to Sanders as an "idiot", Page also sent a message to Strzok in which she seemed to express concern "sandernistas" (Sanders supporters) would spoil things for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in July 2016. "No he won't. We'll stop it".

"I just can't imagine the systematic disassembly of the progress we made over the last 8 years", the attorney, dubbed "FBI Attorney 2" in the report, later added.

During the course of the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, agents did not seize the Blackberry phones or other communication devices used by Clinton's inner circle at the State Department.

"I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey's letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off, "she later said".

Inspector General Debunks Trump's Political Bias Claims Against Comey
The report is also critical of the former attorney general, though sources could not provide further details . Mrs Clinton has since said that Mr Comey's letter contributed to her unexpected defeat by Mr Trump.

In his first public comments on the report, Trump said in a pair of tweets early Friday that he had done "a great service" for the American people by firing Comey previous year.

FBI Director Christopher Wray speaks during a news conference on the inspector general's report at FBI headquarters on June 14, 2018, in Washington. It also chastised him for announcing, again without Justice Department backing, that the investigation would be reopened because of newly discovered emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

But others, though critical of Comey, believed the report actually helps fortify the Department of Justice against Trump's attacks.

"We found that it was extraordinary and insubordinate for Comey to do so, and we found none of his reasons to be a persuasive basis for deviating from well-established Department policies in a way intentionally created to avoid supervision by department leadership over his actions", the report says.

Trump himself said he had “reservations.”.

Trump claimed the report "exonerates" him from allegations of collusion with Russian Federation and obstruction of justice - though it made no mention of either - while his lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Mueller and his team themselves should be investigated. And its existence was a dominate thread of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The report says Lisa Page wrote to Peter Strzok in a text message: "(Trump's) not ever going to become president, right?"

In a recently released book, Comey wrote that he made a decision to do "something I could never imagine" in order to protect the bureau's reputation after concluding that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch "appeared politically compromised" by her association to the Clintons. The report did not examine or make any conclusions about the continuing special counsel investigation.