Telltale working on Stranger Things game

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Telltale games has been making Minecraft: Story Mode since 2015. TechRadar also speculates that as a result, certain battle sequences that are present in other versions of the game may be scrapped from the Netflix variant, with other similar modifications necessary for games to work without trouble with, say, televisions. "(Though, from the sounds of it, numerous battle sequences will be cut from the final product, )" the article notes. Techradar published a rumour that the game was in the works and Netflix posted a clarification.

That's isn't exactly what's happening.

To begin with, Minecraft: Story Mode will be available as a five-episode interactive series coming to Netflix this Fall. The company was adamant that it doesn't consider an interactive offering to be a game, but rather an extension of the cinematic experience.

Meanwhile, the other gaming project TechRadar had uncovered - a game related to the Netflix hit "Stranger Things" - is something that will launch in Telltale's platform at a later date, Netflix says.

Update, 3:45PM ET: Telltale has confirmed its new partnership with Netflix as well as a forthcoming Stranger Things game for consoles and PCs.

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Telltale is also partnering with Netflix to create a new game based on its hugely popular Stranger Things series. "But it wouldn't be so unfathomable to think about playing a Telltale game over a streaming video service of that calibre".

Telltale's interactive fare is well suited to Netflix's streaming service. That could be why its critically acclaimed adaptations of "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones" have worked in the past, and why a "Stranger Things" adaptation sounds like a good fit. Earlier this year Netflix debuted another interactive title, "Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout".

Sources claim that a playable demo has been floating around for at least a year, and that an official announcement from either Netflix or Telltale Games "could happen any day".

There's release timeframe available yet either; though, TechRadar cites a confidential source who stated that the game was originally meant to launch alongside Stranger Things' second season.