Inspector General Debunks Trump's Political Bias Claims Against Comey

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Congressional staff and lawmakers were briefed on the report behind closed doors on Thursday ahead of its release, and Trump was briefed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The president again denounced the investigation into his campaign in a Thursday morning tweet.

"In facts, all facts contained in the report lead to the conclusion that the delay was caused by a variety of factors and miscommunications that had nothing to do with Special Agent Strzok's political views".

Many of these flashpoints from the Obama administration, which served as catnip for Trump on the campaign trail, have largely faded into the rearview of the general public's consciousness.

Mrs Clinton has since said that Mr Comey's letter contributed to her unexpected defeat by Mr Trump.

The report raises questions about whether McCabe honored his recusals thoroughly and completely, and it faults Federal Bureau of Investigation ethics officials for not appreciating "the potential significant implications to McCabe and the FBI" from the campaign contributions.

"I take this report very seriously and we accept its findings and recommendations", Wray said.

The IG report is set to be released to members of Congress on Thursday. "It's the reason why Bob Mueller removed Peter Strzok, who is an excellent agent, removed him from the investigation", Comey told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Ms Page and Mr Strzok were involved in both the Clinton and Russian Federation probes. "I'm talking about Strzok and Page, the head of counterintelligence, not a minor figure, what he was texting to his mistress". Right?!" Strzok replied: "No.

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But Trump's claim that former FBI Director James Comey is inherently biased against him and that larger forces within the FBI were arrayed against him in the run-up to the election is completely undermined by the new report.

"The conduct by these employees cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation and sowed doubt about the FBI's work", the report concluded.

The report faults Lynch for her meeting with Clinton on a Phoenix airport tarmac. Voluntariness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas, and other compulsory processes in the latter.

McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI who has since been fired from the bureau, was a major target of Trump's criticism after it was revealed that he worked on the Clinton email probe even while his wife received campaign funds from a Clinton ally.

The report is also critical of the former attorney general, though sources could not provide further details. But the supervisor told the inspector general he did not actually have personal knowledge of McCabe giving such a command, according to the report. McCabe and his lawyer have adamantly contested the allegations.

The report by the Justice Dept.'s inspector general's office said some of the things that happened during the investigation were inconsistent with "longstanding policies, practices and norms".

The Attorney-General said in an interview with The Hill that he expected "a careful report" that will "help us better fix any problems that we have and reassure the American people that some of the concerns that have been raised are not true".

Horowitz's report also took issue with several FBI employees, whom he said "sent political messages - some of which related directly to the midyear investigation - that created the appearance of bias and thereby raised questions about the objectivity and thoroughness of the midyear investigation".