Trump Takes To Twitter To Slam Canada's Softwood Lumber Sector

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French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, whom Ross was scheduled to meet in Paris on Thursday morning, said on Wednesday that the European Union did not want a trade war either but would respond if Washington imposed tariffs.

The Trump administration's latest move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the U.S.'s biggest strategic and trade partners has touched off a barrage of criticism and retaliation. "They must open their markets and take down their trade barriers!" the President tweeted Friday.

Germany's steel industry association said justifying USA steel tariffs based on national security concerns is "grotesque", after the US announced it was moving ahead with 25 percent tariffs on steel imports from the European Union.

Trump tells reporters of America's neighbors: "these are two very different countries". "I think that we've had a massive effort on tax reform in the United States which has had a incredible impact on the USA economy", Mnuchin said.

But figuring out who is worse off could be complicated given the level of integration between the two economies. She dismissed the argument that the tariffs were needed for US national security reasons.

On Thursday, however, Trump announced that those exemptions were not being extended and his decision immediately drew furious responses from Canadian President Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, Commerce Department numbers show, the United States recorded a trade surplus with Canada for each of the past three years.

"Construction, autos and machinery manufacturing comprise 80 per cent of total domestic steel consumption and their input costs would rise".

Canada's softwood lumber sector has been dealing with the latest USA tariffs to hit the industry for almost a year, handing over more than $200 million in 2017 to cover duties of about 20 per cent of the value of all exports.

"Retail margins are narrow".

"We're concerned that these actions are actually not conducive to helping our economy, they actually are destructive, and that is consistently held across the six countries that expressed their point of view to Secretary Mnuchin", he added.

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"Consumers are not in a bargaining position in the retail market", he said.

Worries about the deepening trade tensions, however, were offset by a bullish report on the U.S. economy.

However, passing on price increases could be challenging in sectors like beer, which use aluminum for cans because demand is soft and competition is fierce, said Molson Coors Brewing Co. analyst Brittany Weissman of Edward Jones.

In a statement, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said "this is protectionism, pure and simple". But aluminum prices have already risen as buyers have hoarded the material. The measures, which target pork legs, apples, grapes and cheese as well as steel and other products, will be in place until the US government eliminates its tariffs, Mexico's Economy Ministry said.The S&P 500's packaged foods and meats industry sub-index fell 2%, with shares of meat producer Tyson Foods Inc falling 3.9%, Campbell Soup Co 2.6% and spice maker McCormick & Co Inc 2.9%.

"Canada is a secure supplier of aluminum and steel to the USA defense industry, putting aluminum in American planes and steel in American tanks", Trudeau said.

Janzen said the steel and aluminum tariffs are a unique result of Trump policies whereas softwood lumber has been an irritant for decades. "So, the USA is playing a risky game here".

"There's a whole bunch of scenarios, none of which makes American automakers more competitive", he added.

A list of countermeasures would include tariffs on US metals and food products such as yogurt, pizza and cucumbers, as well as household products like mattresses and refrigerators.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and several leading Republicans in Congress were critical of the administration's tariff action. Ross is leaving Friday for Beijing for talks aimed at preventing a trade war with China.