Melania Trump to skip G7, US-North Korea summit in Singapore

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A law student at Georgetown University, Tiffany makes less public appearances alongside her father than her older siblings, but when she does, she opts for stylish outfits, choosing formfitting dresses and sky-high heels.

"I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I'm doing", she wrote.

One news correspondent swore she saw Melania around the White House as recently as Tuesday afternoon.

The mystery deepened when President Trump was preparing to board Marine One to attend the commencement at the US Naval Academy on May 25.

On Thursday, Melania Trump quashed rumors of her whereabouts by revealing she was still recovering in the White House while mocking the media for "working overtime" with their speculation. Some doctors familiar with the procedure but not involved in her care said people treated with embolization typically are sent home the same day or the next.

Meanwhile, another tweet started doing the rounds which every first letter of, her sentences spelled the word "HELP".

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The past three weeks the world has been asunder with the question: where is Melania Trump and what is she doing?!

Melania Trump's friend, Paolo Zampolli, explains her absence by saying that she just wants to spend quality time with her family. She also joined her husband at their Florida estate to host the Japanese prime minister. This lead to a rise in her popularity, with 57 percent of people surveyed in a CNN poll having a favorable impression of her, which was up from 47 percent in January.

Presidential officials said Melania, 48, would instead be staying at the White House in Washington DC this weekend.

Conspiracy theories are growing and not likely to stop with the latest news of the first lady's absence.

Other "reports" say she's filed for divorce.