WWDC 2018 should be Siri’s time to shine

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Though there is a chance Apple may have a few surprises in store, there's also a good chance that WWDC this year will be somewhat boring compared to past events. Playing Star Wars holochess is fun, but it feels like Apple could prompt developers to do more with this feature. As noted in January, the company chose to hold back on larger updates to its operating systems this year to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements, resulting in a fairly tame-sounding slate of WWDC announcements.

Writing for Bloomberg, he says "a new suite of gadgets is unlikely" because the MacBooks aren't ready and an iPad Pro with Face ID will also come later. Ars will of course be in attendance, and we'll share the updates with you as they happen in our WWDC 2018 liveblog. While the original iPhone SE came with a 4-inch display, we are least expecting a 5-inch display on this upcoming iPhone.

Apple released its ARKit software in 2017, which allows app developers to easily build augmented reality features. Moreover, the next-gen version of ARKit will reportedly lay the foundation for the rumored pair of AR-based smartglasses Apple has been working on. Apple is working on refreshes to the MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook with new Intel chipsets and is planning a new low-priced laptop to succeed MacBook Air.

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If Apple could make a smaller notch for iPhone without compromising on the technology it houses, it would have. The underlying goal here is to promote a healthier digital lifestyle by curbing excessive smartphone use.

Analysts believe Apple will try to inject more artificial intelligence and other new powers into Siri to make it more competitive with Google's digital assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Other OS-level improvements are said to be fairly minor, including unspecified updates to FaceTime, the Stocks app, and Animojis, as well as the ability to temporarily hide (or "snooze") notifications. Put simply, iOS 12 might be interesting, but iOS 13 is where the excitement really lies. These changes will be the most notable external enhancements since the Watch launched about three years ago, but the new models will still support watch bands from earlier models, another person said.