John Goodman Breaks His Silence on Roseanne Cancellation

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Barr's agent also dropped her and several services pulled "Roseanne" reruns.

Sanders, who had kept her answers to other questions relatively succinct, made a lengthy defense of Trump's tweet, saying that "no one's defending what she said" and calling Barr's comment "inappropriate". Barr tweeted: "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby (equals) vj".

Barr faced public backlash for the tweet, prompting her to apologize and later announce that she would be "leaving Twitter".

TV network ABC cancelled the revived '90s show after Barr's racist tweet about former President Barack Obama staffer Valerie Jarrett, in which the comic compared the respected advisor, who is African-American, to an ape. But she has continued to retweet her supporters who have defended her comments. "That's why I had wished that it wasn't so sudden".

Asked about rumors of a possible Roseanne spin-off with him, Metcalf and Sara Gilbert, Goodman had no information, saying "you've heard more than me".

Donald Trump weighed in on the Roseanne Barr controversy by knocking Walt Disney Co. This was, of course, after she deleted a tweet where she said how sorry she was that they all lost their jobs because of her.

In an interview with CNN, Arnold said: "I figured someone would take her phone away or monitor that, because it's risky when you have that much (advertising) money on a show", Arnold said.

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Arnold, who is working on the Viceland series The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold, said there was a simple solution to the problem: taking away Barr's phone.

ABC might've axed the Roseanne revival because of yesterday's unhinged tweetstorm from the lead actress, but since the show was such a hit among President Donald Trump's fanbase, Michael Caputo - his former aide - apparently won't allow the show to die.

Roseanne Barr unleashed a fresh batch of controversial tweets overnight and into Wednesday morning, blaming a prescription sleeping pill for the racist comment that got her show canceled - and lashing out at her co-stars for "throwing her under the bus".

Mr. Trump has praised Barr and "Roseanne" in the past.

ABC and Disney had taken notable steps to be more inclusive in its entertainment, and Dungey is the first black to be entertainment president of a major broadcast network.

Netflix weighed in on the "Roseanne" racism scandal on Twitter, suggesting that viewers should ditch ABC and watch its shows instead. According to Variety, Barr was paid $250,000 per episode of the show.