National Football League owners admit Trump swayed anthem discussion in Kaepernick depositions

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Kaepernick's legal team have conducted a series of depositions with various administrative figures within NFL organizations as part of their grievance against the NFL, filed last November, which suggests that NFL owners have colluded to keep the free agent from signing with a team.

"I was totally supportive of [the players] until Trump made his statement", Ross said in a deposition, according to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

"When you ask them ... specifically why he isn't he being hired ... they say because of the national anthem policy".

"This is very winning, strong issue for me", Jones said Trump told him. The owner said he became against kneeling when he felt that the message from the players was being interpreted as anti-military.

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US President Donald Trump told Jerry Jones that criticising National Football League players who protested by taking a knee during the anthem was a "winning issue" for him.

"Let's (not) give (Trump) that much credit", Jones said, according to the report. His comments come just days after the league enacted a policy that it would fine players who did not stand on the field for the national anthem. But some fans grew exhausted of the displays, and President Trump hammered protesting players.

While the quote from Jerry Jones' telephone conversation with Trump is news, the fact that the president was a force in the NFL's decision to alter its anthem policy, is not news. "I think the people pushed it forward", Trump told Fox News last week. "But I recognize he's the president of the United States".

Without confirming or denying the quote, a White House official told Beaton, "The majority of the American people agree with the president, love our country, love our flag and believe it should be respected".