Allegran recalls birth control pills packaged in reverse order

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In a statement, the company said four placebo pills were placed out of order in its sample pack of Taytulla.

The Taytulla birth control pills being recalled were first issued August 27, 2017. Instead, the fault packs had marron placebos at the start of the treatment. The placebo pills, which are meant to be placed at the end of a 28-pill pack, were mistakenly placed at the beginning of the pack. But the four capsules without hormones were placed in the pack first, for the first four days of therapy, in place of the active capsules.

Women taking birth control pills who miss taking a single active pill, or several pills, may be at higher risk of unintended pregnancy during that cycle, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Allergan said it was notifying consumers by letter of the potential trouble. Anyone with questions about the recall can call Allergan at 1-800-678-1605, Monday through Friday, from 8 8 p.m., Eastern time.

Allergan is now notifying customers about the recall by letter, and arranging for the return of all recalled products.

Allergan is arranging for return of all sample pack products with the lot #5620706 with the expiration date May 2019 and urged patients to consult their physicians if they believe they are affected by the recall. Allegran said it hasn't received any reports of unintended pregnancies as a result of the packaging order.