President Trump delivers commencement speech at US Naval Academy

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President Donald Trump on Friday told the graduating class of Naval Academy students that the USA military is "respected again" under his leadership.

"The best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war, and hopefully we never have to use all of this attractive new powerful equipment but you know you're less likely to have to use it if you have it", Trump said. "We are respected again, I can tell you that".

The commander-in-chief praised America's booming prosperity, where he said we are proud again as America rediscovers its identity and regains its stride.

"We'll see what happens", Mr. Trump said. A lot. We are not going to apologize for America.

A precedent set by presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama was broken when Vice President Mike Pence gave the address a year ago, as Trump was in Sicily for a Group of Seven summit.

He told graduates that "we have begun the great rebuilding of the USA military". We are going to stand up for our values.

The president said in a statement that it was a "great honor and pleasure" to deliver remarks to the academy's Class of 2018 today. "And when did we need it more than now?"

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The president told the graduates that his interest in building up the military is as a means to prevent war but also told the graduates that "victory, winning, attractive words" would be the only option in the event of inevitable conflict.

The president also said First Lady Melania Trump is doing well, after spending most of last week in the hospital after a kidney procedure.

"The best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war", said Trump, hoping that the grads would never have to use their "beautiful, new, powerful equipment".

"I'll stay, I'll stay", the president said, responding to the applause from the audience. Winning is such a great feeling.

During his commencement speech in Annapolis, Maryland Friday, the president told the graduating class the great rebuilding of our military is now underway.

"We know that the best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war and hopefully we never have to use all of this lovely new powerful new equipment", Trump said.