Hawaii's Kilauea volcano: Power plant wells plugged, blue flames in suburban street

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The volcano's lava flow has destroyed more than 50 properties so far, with USGS scientists still unable to determine when the eruptions might stop.

Lava destroyed a building near the plant, bringing the total number of structures overtaken in the past several weeks to almost 50, including dozens of homes.

Ormat is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and shares have fallen almost 10 percent since Kilauea began erupting.

Hawaii County Civil Defense reported Wednesday morning that county, state, and federal partners are working together to monitor the situation at Puna Geothermal Venture and are continuing work on the wells.

Stovall said lava spatter from one of the vents was forming a wall that was helping protect a nearby geothermal plant.

Lava flowing from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has claimed another structure, this one close to a geothermal plant.

Officials shut down Puna Geothermal shortly after the current eruption began. There also were plans to install metal plugs in the wells as an additional stopgap measure.

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Underscoring the eruption's dangers, a Hawaii man was hit by a flying piece of lava over the weekend said the molten rock almost sheared his leg in half.

A flammable gas called pentane is used as part of the process, though officials earlier this month removed 190,000 litres of the gas from the plant to reduce the chance of explosions.

"I don't know if I was in shock", Clinton said.

The latest back-to-back upheavals of ash from the main summit crater of Kilauea - one before dawn and another several hours later - came on the 21st day of what geologists rank as one of the biggest eruption cycles in a century from one of the world's most active volcanoes. "I didn't care if they cut my leg off or not", Clinton said, according to KHON. The air, especially in the southern part of the island, is increasingly risky.

The molten rock - flowing into the ocean, as residents cope with lava bombs, toxic gas, and a deadly, airborne mix of hydrochloric acid and glass particles.

Authorities also said that emissions of sulfur dioxide gas, harmful if inhaled, remained at high levels from newly opened lava-spewing fissures in the ground running through populated areas on the eastern flank of the volcano.

The molten rock started pouring into the sea over the weekend.