Twitter Officially Admits to 'Shadowbanning' Users in All but Name

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The company now uses a mixture of machine learning, human review processes and policies to determine how tweets are organised in conversations and search. Such signals according to the company include, behaviors such as a user signing up for multiple accounts at the same time, or activity that the microblogging company says might indicate a planned coordinated attack on others.

Twitter's troll problem has not improved, despite various measures taken by the company.

A Twitter spokesperson told CNN these types of tweets will not be hidden, muted or removed from Twitter because they don't violate its policies.

Twitter has made little effort to be transparent about the kind of signals it looks for when seeking to identify accounts that, in their words, "distort the conversation". All of these factors - and more - will be taken into account when deciding how visible individual tweets should be. In early testing, Twitter said it has seen a four percent drop in abuse reports from search and an eight percent decline in abuse reports from conversations.

It is to hide potentially trolling behaviour from users - while the material itself will remain on the platform.

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Twitter says that initial trials have shows that using this method has resulted in an 8pc fall in the number of abuse cases reported to it. This is, however, a very 2014 way to look at content moderation and I think it's grown pretty apparent as of late that Twitter needs to lean on its algorithmic intelligence to solve this rather than putting the burden entirely on users hitting the report button. Because the content from users who are behaving badly may not necessarily violate Twitter's policies, it will stay on Twitter, and you'll still be able to see them by clicking on "Show more replies" or opting to see everything in search.

In a blog post, the company explains: "We're tackling issues of behaviours that distort and detract from the public conversation in those areas by integrating new behavioural signals into how tweets are presented".

Twitter is making some new changes that calls on how the collective Twitterverse is responding to tweets to influence how often people see them.

But it adds: "Our work is far from done". Twitter also admitted that this is just one of several approaches meant to improve people's experiences on the platform, and that there will be "mistakes", "false positives", and "things we miss".

"This is only one part of our work to improve the health of the conversation and to make everyone's Twitter experience better".