Overwatch's Upcoming Anniversary Event Returns, Brings New Skins

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There's also going to be a free weekend event from May 25 until May 28.

This month, Overwatch is turning two, and Blizzard is determined to celebrate accordingly. It has become a huge hit for Blizzard, attracting over 35 million players.

One more thing most of us would agree with is that many gamers weren't happy with the cost of items of the previous anniversary event which was pretty much higher. Some of these loot boxes will also be given out for free as well, one for everyone who plays during the event and another if you're willing to spend enough of your own money on the loot boxes. This will guarantee at least one legendary item, the highest rarity in the game.

Starting on May 22, 2018, players will be able to obtain all previously released Brawl modes and seasonal cosmetic items, meaning if you wanted to earn the Halloween or Christmas versions of characters, you'll once again be able to do so.

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Along with the release of the new Deathmatch map, Petra, Blizzard plans on implementing a brand new competitive mode for Deathmatch in general.

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It is the game's second anniversary, which means Overwatch Anniversary 2018 will run from May 22 until June 11, 2018. Although the old gear will be lumped into the same loot boxes as the new stuff, so it might be harder to just nab the newer items if that's all you want.

The two year anniversary event has some surprises for the Overwatch veterans as well. If you purchase 50 Loot Box Bundle, you'll get a bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box. It includes 15 additional skins, including Legendary ones and the Origins skins that were released with the game back in 2016. However, fans of the game were quick enough to rip the video and distributed it all over the Internet.