Woody Harrelson praises Alden Ehrenreich's Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story

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So much so, that the director reportedly reshot 70 percent of the movie.

Once everyone sees Solo, will the narrative change?

If you count yourself as a Star Wars fan and you don't have your tickets to Solo: A Star Wars Story, you might want to get a move on, because it appears as if Disney and Lucasfilm have another victor on their hands.

There were also leaks from set that relatively-green actor Alden Ehrenreich, who plays the young version of Han, was simply not delivering what Disney wanted. Finally, this content update will add a Custom Arcade mode to the game that will allow players to hop in starships from various eras of Star Wars and do battle in custom matches.

Did David Price's video game obsession cause carpal tunnel syndrome?
Price, 32, has a 5.11 ERA in seven starts this season and has given up 16 earned runs in his last 16 innings. Manager Alex Cora also said he didn't think Price and the team's obsession with Fortnite caused the injury.

In the 1980s he moved into the fledgling computer graphics industry and from there came in contact with Star Wars creator George Lucas' film company. Full reviews won't be released until Tuesday. Before he had the Millennium Falcon or considered Luke Skywalker one of his best friends, Han was still talking and blasting his away across the galaxy. A whole new selection of footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story has been unveiled as the cast members of the latest Star Wars film roll out onto the press tour.

Disney has become known for its elaborate premieres for its "Star Wars" films. We've got Emilia Clarke and more stunning celebs. Lando will make an appearance as a Skiff Guard and Leia will show up "dressed for the part", according to the team.

Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker and Marilou York. Jon brings the ideal mix of producing and writing talent, combined with a fluency in the Star Wars universe. Glover indicated that Williams simply said "I walked in and I was Lando".

"She calls it Star Trek and she can't remember Chewy's name, she says 'oh that big hairy, what's the big foot guy or the bear or something.' But yeah, she's very excited", he said.