Pakistan Strongly Replied after US Put Restrictions on Pakistani Diplomats

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It is being seen as a tit-for-tat move as travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in the USA come into effect on Friday.

US President Donald Trump's administration's travel regime forces Pakistani diplomats to stay within 25 miles of the city they are posted at, further straining already tense relations between the two countries who were once close allies in the war against terror.

Pakistan's Foreign Office has announced that all the United States diplomats in the country would face restrictions as part of which they will not be able to roam around freely from now. The diplomats will be required to ask for special permission at least five days before travelling beyond 40 kilometres.

Under the new restrictions, special treatment for US embassy and consulate staff at the airports ends.

A former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Jalil Abbas Jilani, said in a tweet the restrictions are "a sign of strayed" relations and called on both countries to fix them.

Pakistan on Friday announced that United States diplomats serving in the country would no longer be allowed special privileges that provided them exceptional security cover. The set of withdrawal is likely to render USA diplomats and security officials vulnerable to greater surveillance from the Pakistani authorities.

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The notification states the withdrawal of seven facilities afforded to USA diplomats, including the use of non-diplomatic number plates on official vehicles, use of diplomatic number plates on unspecified or rented vehicles, and overshooting visa periods and/or the use of multiple passports.

The disclosure of the unilateral concessions Pakistan had granted the US after joining the war on terrorism 17 years ago are "shocking and scandalous", say analysts. He accused the Pakistanis of giving safe haven to terrorists the fighting in neighboring Afghanistan.

This is the first time for Pakistani diplomats serving in America and their families face such travel regulations, whereas in the past USA governments have practised such codes on Russian and Chinese officials.

She noted that a large number of US nationals had been working with different NGOs and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Pakistan, and called for their expulsion from the country.

Friday's restrictions come as an American diplomat involved in a recent fatal road accident has been barred from leaving Pakistan until a court announces its verdict on how to hold him accountable in the wake of immunity he enjoys under worldwide diplomatic conventions.