In Kabul attacked police stations

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Suicide bombers struck two police stations in Afghanistan's capital on Wednesday (Wednesday night NZ Time), killing at least five people and wounding 16, officials said. Another explosion was heard in the late afternoon.

These two instances are two comparatively small twin bombings in a line of multiple other recent attacks by IS and the Taliban in cities like Kabul with "Western-backed government and security forces".

Fighting traditionally picks up in Afghanistan as warmer weather melts snow in mountain passes, allowing insurgents to move around more easily and the Taliban have put security forces under heavy pressure in many areas of the country.

According to preliminary data, killing at least two policemen, injuring six people. The two are believed to be among the five dead reported by the Public Health Ministry.

In an attack in March, ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on a police checkpoint in Kabul that killed nine people and wounded 18.

One journalist shared a gruesome image on a WhatsApp reporters group showing what appeared to be a suicide bomber who had detonated his explosives but only killed himself.

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Following the first blast, Danish said, two explosions occurred close to PD10 Police Headquarters' compound in Shahr-e-Naw area, in downtown Kabul.

"The Taliban have captured several districts in different parts of the country from Afghan security forces since 2014, when the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation formally concluded their combat mission and shifted to a supporting role", the AP says. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack. He did not have any immediate word on casualties.

An Afghan lawmaker says Taliban fighters have captured a second remote district compound in two days.

The Taliban on Tuesday captured another district compound in northern Baghlan province. Provincial police spokesman Abdul Karim Yuresh said the fighting is still underway and that government forces still hold the compound.

The Taliban issued a statement saying they controlled the district and claiming to have killed 10 security forces.