Volvo details Android-powered infotainment system

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The annual developer conference will kick off at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California on 8th May. However, Android Things isn't meant to specifically launch more Google ecosystem devices or even be an Android accessory.

A late 2018 ship date also gives time for Google to woo app developers to support the new "Watch Next" feature, which is the main reason why Nvidia hasn't updates its Shield TV to Oreo. In a blog post, the company details a few new tweaks that are coming to the system, starting with the arrival of better group messaging.

Given that Google's I/O developer conference starts tomorrow, it's a bit curious that Google decided to make the 1.0 announcement a day early. It's a Google Home. It is supposed to be a platform that will power Google's smart home devices, right from thermostats to smart home speakers. Or just let us jot down a note when we're in bed. Comparatively different from Android Oreo which debuted previous year, Google's latest approach to mobile software is more visual and focused on interface design improvements. So it's no surprise that Google, with a dedicated its research division, has grand plans of its own for AI, and we might see some of its machine learning capabilities in I/O 2018. Gaming streaming courtesy of Chromecast is one possibility.

For a start, there's control over the TV via voice, as we've come to expect from Android TV.

In each category, Google's Android system posted less market share past year than manufacturer-customized Android variants, which are less fruitful for Google because they typically are not pre-loaded or compatible with its apps. Google is teasing "a brand new media experience for Android Auto, both on your phone screen and on your vehicle display, making it easier and faster than ever before to surface content to users" in its I/O app.

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Google said it has worked closely with hardware partners to launch the first wave of the Android Things-powered products.

Android Things software was initially a rebranding of Brillo, an Internet of Things OS Google debuted in May 2015.

Google, the tech giant is all set to introduce a revamped Bluetooth functionality in the Chrome OS.

Google Home, which has appeared in the past two Google I/O conferences, will likely make it a third straight year. Wear OS just gained smart replies and actions support, but Assistant still isn't as responsive or accurate on our wrists as it is everywhere else. In fact, Google promises free stability fixes and patches for the next three years, and even after official support recedes, developers will still have the option to push app updates to their devices. If Assistant is going to be a true assistant, it needs to be the same everywhere.

The JBL Link Bar will land sometime this fall for an undisclosed price.