California may require new homes to have solar panels

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If the measure passes as expected, the state would require solar panels to be installed in all new homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums up to three stories tall. What this will do to the California real estate market, particularly for aspiring, low-income homeowners remains a mystery.

The state of California is poised to become the first USA state to make solar panels a mandatory addition to most newly-built homes.

But obviously, the new requirement for solar PV installations is making all the headlines. According to reports circulating about a California Energy Commission (CEC) meeting taking place on Tuesday, California's solar levels might get a swift kick in the rear.

"No other state in the nation mandates solar, and we are about to take that leap", he explained. This initiative may be obsolete, as net zero homes would still draw power from the energy grid in certain circumstances. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. They insist that the solar energy can actually produce a net savings for the homeowner, but it will be at least a decade before most people reach the break-even point.

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"Adoption of solar is happening but it's going to happen much more slowly than if we help push things with this regulation", said assistant professor C.J. Gabbe. Some are in the shade of canyons and other natural structures, while others may be dwarfed by surrounding buildings.

While environmentalists as well as homebuilders praise the new solar standards, the proposed new rules have detractors who still support goals that are net-zero.

In addition to the solar rule, California's plan is to also encourage all-electric homes so as to cut natural gas demand, the OCRegister said. Not everyone likes electric heat, particularly if it means you have to run a humidifier all the time. Cal, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab will one day make windows that work like solar panelsKB Home has built more than 6,000 solar homes in the past seven years, mostly in California.