U.S. special forces 'helping' Saudis battle Houthi rebels

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A team of elite US Green Beret commandos deployed to the Saudi border of Yemen previous year to help find and destroy Huthi rebel missile caches, the New York Times reported Thursday.

They were deployed shortly after the Houthis fired a Burkan H-2 short-range ballistic missile at Riyadh in November 2017, which the Saudis claimed to have shot down, possibly with a US-made Patriot missile defense system.

Yemeni security sources said Yemen's own forces arrested the Qatari man on the border with Oman late last month, on suspicion he was an intelligence officer working with the Houthis.

It said the man was in Yemen visiting relatives there, and was being held without charge by the Saudi-led coalition.

Army Special Forces have been secretly helping Saudi Arabia combat rebels in a brutal civil war in Yemen, The New York Times reported.

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A Pentagon spokesperson, Major Rankine-Galloway, previously told Business Insider that the USA sells weapons to countries in the Saudi-led coalition, as well as provides "limited intelligence sharing", aerial refueling for coalition jets, and training to make coalition airstrikes more precise.

Officials told the Times the United States troops are training Saudi forces to secure the border.

The most fierce battles take place in the province of al-sa'ada in the North of the country, reports "al Arabiya".

In an interview with Tasnim, ranking commander of Yemen's Army General Yahya al-Houthi said if Saudi Arabia continues to kill people of Yemen, the Saudi vessels and sites at the Bab el-Mandeb Strait will become military targets of Yemen's missiles.

U.S. lawmakers have sounded growing alarm about America's support for Saudis in Yemen, while President Donald Trump has bolstered ties with Riyadh and fostered a close relationship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.