Ranveer Singh confirmed to voice 'Deadpool 2'

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On Monday, the new Hindi trailer of the movie, featuring Ranveer, is scheduled to release.

Actor Ranveer Singh has added another feather to his cap, as he would-be voicing superhero Deadpool in the Hindi version of the upcoming film.

The studio wanted a star who would resonate with Deadpool's personality and Ranveer's wit and edgy personality was a ideal match.

Ryan Reynolds as superhero "Deadpool 2" not only beats baddies but also does it with a swag and quirkiness like no one else.

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Ranveer is known for his smartness, witty behaviour and he is also having irreverent humour. Sure, it is nowhere near as good as the real thing (Ryan Reynolds), but at least the lines do not feel wholly unnatural when spoken in Ranveer's voice. Deadpool is the original story of a former Special Forces operative with a quirky personality who turns into a mercenary. However, it has been learned that the dates were subsequently worked out to accommodate Singh.

Deadpool has received vast love from across the world in his first film and the trailers of "Deadpool 2" have so far created a massive buzz around the globe.

The 50-year-old actor says he was inspired to join "Deadpool 2" as baddie Cable alongside Reynolds Deadpool, after seeing the star and Sandra Bullock portray warring fake lovers in the 2009 smash romantic comedy.

The film and the Hindi trailer will be A-rated as the makers are sticking to the tone and irreverence of the English film.