Pence: 'There's prayer on a regular basis in this White House'

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President Trump signed a "religious liberty" executive order on Tuesday that aims bolster faith groups' influence in the government.

It will be led by an official appointed to a newly-created position - the Advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative - and will be "supported by experts and various community and faith leaders from outside of the Federal Government".

The "faith-based initiative" has been a longstanding religious liberty priority of Agudath Israel and we applaud the President for continuing and enhancing it in both policy and practice. Many fear that it may encourage discrimination against LGBTQ people in the name of religion.

Having an office within the White House that directs and coordinates the activities that are already so ably conducted by the existing faith-based centers in the different agencies will make their work even more effective.

The White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative expands upon a religious freedom executive order signed past year, CBN reports. Religious freedom should be a shield to protect religion, not a sword to harm others.

This morning, Trump announced an executive order to create a "religious office" to give religious groups a "voice in government".

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"If that is allowed, the LGBTQ community could be denied healthcare and other services", said CFI Vice President Nick Little said in a statement.

"And as President, I will always protect religious liberty".

Young read President Donald Trump's proclamation that referred to Americans seeking God in prayer during the dark days of World War I and the deadliest attacks on American soil on September 11, 2001 and asking for patience and resolve in the future.

The paramount goal is compassionate results, and private and charitable community groups, including religious ones, should have the fullest opportunity permitted by law to compete on a level playing field, so long as they achieve valid public purposes, such as curbing crime, conquering addiction, strengthening families and neighborhoods, and overcoming poverty.

The Occupy Democrats meme is largely accurate.

The move has sparked concern among LGBT rights groups, who say the order could open the doors for discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Trump administration has consistently been a champion of religious liberty, particularly insofar as it pertains to evangelical Christian causes.