Kanye West reacts to Donald Glover mocking him in SNL parody

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In the parody of "A Quiet Place", entitled "A Kanye Place", Glover, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong are stalked by a monster in a cornfield, but can't keep quiet when they see Kanye's tweets. The scariest of all?

"Kanye just tweeted", a character played by Donald Glover says. In "A Kanye Place", those same rules applied, but with the extra caveat of everyone reading Kanye's tweets and struggling to stop themselves from loudly reacting to them.

SNL did an hilarious spoof on "A Quiet Place", where Donald Glover and cast members were in a jungle, trying to stay all hush hush so the monsters couldn't hear them.

Glover showed the group a picture Kanye posted on Twitter of his red "Make America Great Again" hat, signed by Trump.

Donald Glover pulled double duties hosting and performing as Childish Gambino on SNL Saturday.

"No! Kanye, leave Chrissy Teigen out of this", Cecily said during the sketch.

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At one point, the crew notices on social media that Kanye's at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower for baby No. 2.

"From "Modern frickin" Family?!' " Strong demanded, before she, too, was yanked into the darkness by a monster. "We should only talk about what's important", Bryant said.

Soon, only Glover and Bennett were left, as Bennett pleaded with Glover to focus on survival.

But everything came to head when Glover referenced the controversial TMZ Live interview West did last week suggesting slavery was a choice.

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