Cockroach stuck in woman's ear for 9 days

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Melbourne, Florida resident Katie Holley related the harrowing story to "Self" and 'BuzzFeed News, ' explaining how it took nine days for a cockroach to be fully removed from her left ear.

The pests thrive in warm and damp places, and that includes Florida, where the young couple live and where flying cockroaches called palmetto bugs are most common.

Mr Raithatha said: 'The patient advised he must have accidentally dislodged the bottom end of a pen inside his ear as he had a habit of scratching the inside of his ear canal using the back of a pen'. "I was kind of twitching because the roach was twitching", Holley recalled.

The bug wriggled in her ear on the trip to the hospital.

When Ms Holley arrived at A&E, doctors administered the numbing drug Lidocaine in her ear, which caused the insect to "react". "All in one piece", she said. He was able to spot the thickest part of the roach inside her ear but failed in in his attempts to remove it. She said she now sleeps with earplugs.

She went to her physician for her regularly scheduled appointment and asked the doctor whether she could check her ear.

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Ms Holley visited a doctor when her symptoms continued, who was confident all of the insect had been removed, but referred her to a ENT specialist to be safe. "But I could only hope that the ENT would only need to remove another teensy leg or two".

More bits were pulled out after which a specialist placed a microscope next to her face. A few minutes later, she felt something bigger was getting extracted out of her ear canal. Not the remains of a baby roach. "He grabbed these insane looking curved scissors ... and he had me lay on my side and ... and he pulled out the head and upper torso and two-inch antennae".

Holley declined to name the hospital she first went to in April. "They said this is something that happens often". It is the worst item I have seen stuck to date'.

While it was shocking that much of the insect was inside for nine days, she didn't suffer any major damage or infection. Which means she's seen her fair share of palmetto bugs, which are brown, ubiquitous, and can grow to an inch-and-a-half long or more. Entomologist Coby Schal of North Carolina State University said it is not unusual to have a cockroach in the ear. A South African hospital, for example, pulled two dozen critters out of people's ears over a period of two years, according to a National Geographic article published last year.

'Roaches are searching for food everywhere.