Here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10

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The South Korean financial paper says the Galaxy S10 should undoubtedly at the next CES show, with manufacturing set to start as early as October.

Assuming Samsung sticks with its traditional release cadence, the Galaxy S10 will likely arrive in the first quarter of 2019.

The Bell's sources also claimed that Samsung has already informed its suppliers to start providing components for the foldable phone - rumored to be called Galaxy X - starting November of this year. The novelty will present in the coming months along with the Galaxy A6. Although many other big names in the smartphone industry bring new flagships to CES, Samsung made a decision to use its presence in Las Vegas to focus on various consumer products instead - home appliances, TV sets, and so on.

The Galaxy S10's code name has been revealed, and it's "Beyond".

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With the current market, rushing towards adding AI enabled features to their phones, Samsung is expected to do the same with the Galaxy S10. A few days ago, a rumor tipped that Samsung had issued the S10 the codename "Beyond".

According to the report by The Bell, the Galaxy S10 could finally release the in-display fingerprint reader. Further details on this unusual selling point were not disclosed, though Patently Mobile reported on Wednesday that Samsung was recently awarded two patents, with schematics possibly illustrating how the foldable display system would work.

Ice Universe mentioned a "Crown UX", which suggests the Galaxy Note 9 might come with a brand-new skin, which Samsung uses to differentiate its smartphones from other Android devices. It's simply too early to tell which direction the company will end up leaning - plus, these plans always have a habit of changing. Various sources, including a historically reliable gadgets leaker only known as "Ice Universe", have said the Galaxy Note 9 will feature an invisible fingerprint scanner underneath the display. Maybe the front camera would have an upgrade to it.