Russian Federation sees closer Iran ties if United States exits

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There is no question the Iran nuclear accord reached during the Obama administration is a bad deal for America and the rest of the world.

Now, Israel claims that Iran has been developing a secret nuclear weapons' programme In an astonishing intelligence coup, Israel's Mossad stole and published 55,000 documents detailing Tehran's Project Amad. Apart from the Iran sanctions waiver, the market will be looking to the Venezuela presidential election that socialist leader Nicolas Maduro has scheduled for May 20.

Vladimir Yermakov, head of arms control and nonproliferation for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told reporters Friday that a US withdrawal would not kill the deal, which Iran signed with the Obama administration and five worldwide powers - Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

On Friday Netanyahu spoke with three key global leaders about the Iranian nuclear archives, his office said, as he sought to garner further support for his call to "fix" or "nix" the Iran nuclear deal.

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He faces a May 12 deadline to determine whether he will pull out of the pact, and despite efforts by European leaders to convince him to remain in the deal, Trump appears likely to withdraw, congressional and foreign leaders have said. President Trump has made it clear that he feels that the deal is a poor one for the United States, and that he is seriously considering scrapping it altogether. "Neither Iran nor China nor Russian Federation nor the European states should lose out", he said.

This may all come to naught if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to be believed. This is not to say that Israel's assertions are themselves a red herring, but the timing of Netanyahu's announcement muddies the waters, but changes little in reality.

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An ECP spokesperson cautioned those holding high offices to refrain from making such statements, which are based on speculation and hearsay.

Zarif also criticized European nations. One of the White House officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said it was possible Trump will end up with a decision that "is not a full pullout" but was unable to describe what that might look like. With ongoing KSA-Israel rapprochement and mounting impact of sanctions, Iran's march towards the bomb which is estimated to be seven years away, will see considerable time reduction. Trump has warned that unless the "terrible flaws" in the nuclear agreement are rectified by May 12, he will refuse to extend United States sanctions relief. And what occurs to Iran's pre-existing obligations to permit nuclear inspections?

One benefit of the nuclear negotiations has been the opening of direct lines of communication between Tehran and Washington.

In October, he disavowed the deal, but stopped short of withdrawing from it entirely.

Iran has always denied it sought a nuclear weapon, insisting its atomic programme was for civilian purposes. Such an arms race in the Middle East would create a self-fulfilling prophecy of crisis and instability in a region which has long since become synonymous with violence. Or, in the alternative, whether it can be "fixed" through concerted pressure of the United States and key allies who hold economic leverage over Tehran. "(But) any lingering hopes that the agreement will be amended to suit Trump's demands have now evaporated", Stephen Brennock, oil analyst at PVM Oil Associates, said in a research note.

This option would mean that the United States completely withdraws from the Iran deal, as it did with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Agreement. If there is a document that says they're continuing [with their military nuclear program], it hasn't been revealed, including in Netanyahu's presentation.

So much, then, for all the palaver about the deal providing an unprecedented level of transparency for monitoring Iranian compliance. Yes, but it is hard to see this happening with both sides being only too happy to blame each other for domestic political gain.

However, scrapping the deal would surely exacerbate an already inflammatory situation.