Handcuffed defendant escapes courtroom and leaps from balcony

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Security camera images show a handcuffed man running out of a courtroom and throwing himself over a railing to the floor below at a courthouse in Spanish Fork.

Christopher Clay Rudd bloodied his face and looked dazed after landing awkwardly following his leap, security footage from the courthouse shows.

He was seen outside of the room, and appeared to run directly at the balcony rail which he flipped over, landing on the ground in the floor below.

State courts spokesman Geoffrey Fattah says that the Rudd struck his leg pelvis and fractured his skull.

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He hits the floor right in front of two other bailiffs, one of whom appears to have tried to break his fall.

Rudd was arrested for failing to follow through with court-ordered treatment on drug allegations, according to the New York Post.

Police spokesman Matt Johnson claims it is unclear whether or not Rudd was attempting to injure herself.

He could face additional charges for trying to escape.