Comey Adviser Lisa Page Resigns from Federal Bureau of Investigation

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James Baker, who served as the FBI's top lawyer before being reassigned in December under the agency's current director Christopher Wray, resigned on Friday, The New York Times reports.

Baker is suspected of leaking classified information to the media concerning the dossier detailing some of President Donald Trump's controversial and unverified connections to Russian Federation. House Republicans claim Baker was behind leaks from a salacious dossier about Trump and Russian Federation. After the president pushed Mr. Comey to express openly he wasn't under investigation, Mr. Baker cautioned against it mainly because he anticipated that the F.B.I. would finally need to examine Mr. Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

The Times reported that the resignation decisions weren't related, and Comey referred to Baker's move in a tweet as a retirement rather than that he had quit.

James Comey is turning out to be quite an enigma, rapidly falling from his lofty position as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, headed for oblivion at best, and severely damaging the image of that mighty crime-fighting institution the American public has relied on for decades as the protector and defender of justice and the rule of law. We are fortunate he and so many others choose to devote their lives to justice.

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Baker says he is resigning to join the Brookings Institution to write for it's national security law blog Lawfare.

"I adore the F.B.I.", he explained. "I have tremendous respect for the bureau - the F.B.I. was great, is great and will be great". His attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani mentioned this week that Mr. Comey was ousted because he fell to express openly that Mr. Trump was not under scrutiny at precisely the time from the Russian Federation investigation.

In a March interview, Comey said he had never found Page to be biased but admitted he was "deeply disappointed" when he found out about the texts and said she would have been removed from the investigation into Trump earlier if he knew about her critical stance toward the president. "I'm glad they are getting out of the way".