Watch Deadpool 2 Reach Peak Irony With Celine Dion Video

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Celine Dion may have been immortalised in our heart for her theme song in Titanic, but Deadpool wasn't going to let this Canadian legend off without a fourth-wall breaking joke.

That relationship is front and center again in Deadpool 2, and thus we get Dion's "Ashes" (which I have to admit has been stuck in my head on repeat since first hearing it yesterday).

The video features Celine belting out the tune at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where she stages her Las Vegas residency, as the mutant mercenary performs an interpretive dance, all while wearing high heels to top off his full-body red and black costume. You need to see this. If you just listen to the song, or, you know, put in a loop while writing a news story about it, it's just a pop love song.

Even the video opens with just a few shots of the Merc with a Mouth, including clips from the movie, the sort of thing you'd expect in any music video being used to promote a movie. But Dion's face changes when Deadpool asks for a repeat performance. I'm sure you'd love it. Watch it below.

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Towards the end of the song, Ryan Reynolds' voice as Deadpool compliments the singer on her performance, saying how attractive and stirring it was (which, despite all the irony, it kind of was). You're an 11. We need to get you down to a five, five and a half tops. The singer angrily called the main character spider-Man.

Deadpool 2 will hit theatres on May 18.

With Deadpool 2 only a couple weeks away, one would think the movie would be almost done with its fourth wall breaking, ironic, ridiculous, humor.