Oettinger: Criticism of European Union budget plan means I'm right

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Today proposals surrounding the EU's multi-annual financial framework (MFF) for the seven-year period - 2021 to 2027 - were unveiled today.

The Commission is also receiving pushback from low-immigration, eurosceptic-leaning member-states in Central Europe, in response to changing budget funding formulas so countries which do not subscribe to so-called "EU values" or submit to arbitrary diktats on the rule of law.

The budget also foresees cuts in spending to the bloc's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the tune of five percent. "Subsidies that are not in line with the Paris Agreement, such as for carbon-intensive projects, should be phased out as quickly as possible and have no place in the European Union budget", the ministers wrote in a joint statement earlier this year.

"This budget is innovative in the new flexibility it provides, allowing us to implement our priorities and to respond to unforeseen contingencies", he said. Taking into account inflation, this is comparable to the size of the current 2014-2020 budget (including the European Development Fund).

Despite next year's expected departure from the EU of Britain, which contributes about 10 billion euros to the budget annually, the European Commission hopes to boost spending on foreign aid, eurozone stability, unemployment compensation, joint defense, and frontier guards.

In its most ambitious defence plan for decades, the Commission proposed to spend 22 times more than in the 2014-2020 period - some 13 billion euros - on a joint weapons fund, research, shared financing for battlegroups and allowing a coalition of the willing to conduct more missions overseas. If the European Commission finds that a country doesn't distribute EU funds properly or lacks a sufficiently independent judicial system to deal with fraud cases, it can move to curtail funding.

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Adhering to the Paris Agreement and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Commission proposed to set a more ambitious goal for "climate mainstreaming" across all European Union programs and has set a 25 percent target of European Union revenues to be allocated to climate objectives. Hogan added: "The average farmer in all member states will see no cuts in direct payments if this is managed well".

Michel, who had delivered the latest in a series of speeches by European Union national leaders to the Parliament outlining their visions of the bloc's post-Brexit future, was guarded in his reply.

Berlin, in turn, deemed the new budget for the period from 2021 to 2027 would prompt negotiations on the future of EU's funding priorities after the United Kingdom left the bloc.

The Commission would also increase investment in research and innovation by 50 percent, with €100 billion allocated to the flagship programs Horizon Europe and Euratom. Late a year ago the European Commission proposed triggering Article 7 (1) of the European Treaty after it concluded that there was a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law in Poland.

The Commission also aims to introduce greater conditionality to direct payments with a significant part of funding to be ring-fenced for actions beneficial to the climate, the environment and rural development.