NBA Gives Drake Warning Over 'The Use Of Bad Language'

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On Tuesday, Drake launched into a shouting match with Cleveland Cavaliers' Kendrick Perkins - and now some are wondering if the rap superstar should be banned from ACC. A writer for the Toronto Star claimed to have heard Drake shout other obscenities at Perkins.

The events prompted Kiki Vandeweghe, the NBA's executive vice-president of basketball operations, to contact Raptors vice-president Masai Ujiri, ESPN reported.

Drake, who has been Toronto's global ambassador since 2013, occasionally sits in a courtside seat adjacent to Toronto's bench and trades barbs with visiting players.

Perkins said they were talking as they were headed to the locker rooms for halftime, and Drake butted in on the conversation, talking some trash toward him.

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Perkins told ESPN's Dave McMenamin he's over the incidents. A few of the players, including George Hill, are shown looking back to see what the commotion is.

Although the confrontation was intense, both Drake and Perkins look to have credited it to the love for the game as the former made light of the situation on Instagram, saying "I just said I like the hem on his capris", while Perkins cheekily refused an escort and asked the security "what's (Drake) going to do?" It was also mentioned in reports that there were more words exchanged post-game.

The pair exchanged words as the Raptors and Cavaliers headed to the tunnels at halftime. Drake, who holds the position as the Raptors' Global Ambassador, made a decision to defend one of his "co-workers", Toronto center Serge Ibaka, after overhearing Perkins antagonizing him.

LeBron James and company were able to make a comeback in the second half, pulling off a one-point victory in overtime.