Desktop Chrome Now Sports Autoplay Muting

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The company is now improving its autoplay blocking by learning the preferences of a user, based on their browsing history. As you navigate online using Chrome, it will progressively learn which sites you enable sound on, and which you don't. On the other hand, if you're alright with the videos that are triggered automatically on some other websites, Chrome will allow those to keep playing undeterred.

Tab with video is active. The new policy, according to Google, will block about half of unwanted autoplay videos. The average user likely doesn't find it fun to be bombarded with unexpected sound the moment they visit a website.

A user can not avoid the sudden unwanted noise when he enters a site for the first time, but later, the user would have a customized browsing experience.This seems to be hard for the users primarily but once the browser gets the hold of user's search, the autoplay works accordingly. Autoplay on the news article pages would be allowed because of user interaction with the domain. This means you can browse peacefully in Chrome 66 without audio randomly blaring out of your speakers. Content that has no audio, or mutes it by default, are still allowed to autoplay, however, or if the content is on a frequently-visited site. If you mute sound, stop playback or leave a site that is on the initial list of sites allowed to play video with sound, Chrome will remove that site from the allowed listing according to Google. This statistic is what pushed Google to reveal a new policy for blocking unwanted autoplay videos on the desktop version of Google Chrome.

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For new Chrome users with no browsing history, the browser will simply begin with a list of thousand websites where Google found that users frequently played the audio or video with sound. The enhancements should already be live as an update to the Chrome browser, so interested users should check for updates if they haven't already.

This update comes after Google made changes in Chrome 64 with an option to mute the entire website instead of temporary "mute tab" feature.