Amazon Pauses Seattle Expansion While City Debates New Taxes

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Amazon has but the brakes on what is called its Block 18 project, which along with another Amazon office project would bring about 7,000 new Amazon jobs to downtown Seattle.

The Seattle Times editorial columnist Brier Dudley first reported the company's decision to pause construction. However, it's also not a great look for a company whose soaring earnings just made CEO Jeff Bezos $12 billion richer in just one day.

Seattle City Council will vote on the proposed head tax May 14.

"Seattle is a city of great prosperity that has experienced tremendous growth of its economy and population", the draft read.

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Amazon is playing tough in a political debate in Seattle over a proposed new tax on big businesses. Companies would pay 26 cents per working hour for each employee it has in Seattle, or roughly $540 a year for every full-time employee.

Big businesses like Amazon create revenue and jobs wherever they locate.

Amazon (AMZN +0.2%) halts planning for a new office building in Seattle due to a pending city council vote on a tax that would apply to the tech giant. The new structure, known as Block 18, is adjacent to its new office complex, including its signature spheres, and now contains a motel that Amazon has let a non-profit use to temporarily house homeless families. We need meaty taxes, not token charity, to address our crisis in affordable housing and homelessness: another dozen or two tiny-house villages, thousands of subsidized apartments, opportunities for all homeowners to avoid displacement by remodeling to rent rooms and backyard cottages. It is also on the hunt for another North American city to host its "HQ2"-a second headquarters, that could give it even more leverage over the terms offered to it in the city where it all started".