These Are The UK's Worst Polluted Towns And Cities

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But it's not all bad news for Port Talbot, as it's only the UK's most polluted town and is nothing like as bad as it can get.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the Welsh steel town of Port Talbot is the most polluted place in Britain.

The World Health Organisation has revealed that a whopping 46 cities and towns are found to have risky levels of pollution.

Port Talbot was found to have nearly double the limit on fine particle air pollution levels, recording 18 micrograms per cubic metre.

Joined at #2 in the United Kingdom pollution league are Scunthorpe and Salford, recording 15mg per cubic metre of the presumed risky sooty particulates, with Essex's Thurrock and the outpost of Gibraltar tying for third.

A Defra spokesman said: "While air quality in the United Kingdom has improved significantly since 2010, this report from the WHO clearly shows the impact air pollution is having on the health of men women and children in the United Kingdom and across the world".

And while the level of particulates recorded in Leeds and Sheffield fell between 2013 and 2015, in York the level increased from 11 micrograms per cubic metre in the air in 2013 to 12 in 2015.

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Researchers from the World Health Organisation (WHO) looked at fine particle emissions called PM 2.5 - which travel deeply into people's respiratory systems and can lead to health problems.

The report added that seven million people a year are dying due to poor air quality, and nine out of 10 people worldwide are exposed to levels of air pollution that are risky to their health.

The figures are part of the WHO's newly update ambient air quality database that includes air pollution readings for some 4,300 cities spanning over 100 countries. London broke its annual air quality guidelines in a single month this year, beating 2017 when the city broke its limits within just five days.

Below that is Pasakha in Bhutan (150), Delhi in India (123) and greater Cairo in Egypt (117).

In October a year ago the figure was 14 - with the latest data showing a seeming reduction in air pollution.

Commenting on the World Health Organization figures, Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive at the British Heart Foundation believes that while admirable, the United Kingdom government has much more to do.