Swamp Thing TV series coming to DC's streaming service

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Are you looking forward to this Swamp Thing series? The CW continues to pump out multiple shows as part of the Arrowverse and Fox has continued with Gotham.

First up is Titans, the first live-action TV show starring Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Teagan Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

DC Entertainment's upcoming on-demand streaming service, DC Universe, is filling out its programming slate by dredging up a classic comics character to stalk TV screens once again. None of these shows have yet to debut, and there's already another one coming.

Should the Swamp Thing script go to series, it will be joining a vast roster of scripted original projects on the DC Universe SVOD service including Superman prequel Metropolis, Titans, and a pair of animated series from WB Animation.

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We have some strong showrunners helming the project with Mark Verheiden who rocked Battlestar Galactica and, I feel, did an impeccable job with Marvel's Daredevil, and Gary Dauberman who penned It and it's sequel.

Swamp Thing is planned for a 2019 launch. Dick Durock took on the role in both the films and the series. That means if the script comes in well, the drama would then be picked up straight to series. The descriptions being used sound as though CDC researcher Abby Arcane will be a prominent character if not the main character. After losing her budding lover, Abby will have to contend with nefarious agents seeking to exploit the swamp's supernatural properties, as well as the shocking nature of her revived paramour. Swamp Thing fought werewolves, for pity's sake! Wan's involvement alone points to a horror-style take on the character, and that is very much the case with Dauberman and Clear writing the scripts.

"Been developing this "vegetarian hero" for awhile now", Wan said in a Twitter post at the time of the announcement. Something tells me that whatever DC Universe is cooking up will be better.but I REALLY hope they go with the "man in suit" approach. A Swamp Thing live action TV series that boasts James Wan (The Conjuring, Aquaman.oh, you know who he is) as one of its executive producers.