Police release some body camera video from Las Vegas massacre

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Some of the first officers to reach the Las Vegas hotel room where a gunman unleashed the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history busted in with shields and found his body and assault-style weapons scattered around, according to police body-camera video released Wednesday.

People were still playing slot machines as an officer told an employee: "There's a shooter".

"You need to get everybody out of here", an officer tells two Mandalay Bay security guards. "He's shot and killed multiple people already".

Footage made public Wednesday from two officers' body-worn cameras shows Stephen Paddock's body on his back, clad in dark trousers and a long-sleeve shirt with a glove on his left hand.

Surveillance camera footage, released earlier this year showed Paddock bringing the more than 20 guns and a large amount of ammunition into the 32nd floor room in more than a dozen suitcases. A pool of blood stains the carpet near his head as a police SWAT officer walks past.

Officer body-camera video from the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history shows Las Vegas police at the door of the gunman's suite, and one saying "Breach! Breach. Breach." Then a loud blast is heard.

Aside from footage of Paddock's room, recordings show officers clearing rooms held by other guests in the hotel as well as nearby stairways and halls.

"Did he have any scoped weapons over there?" an officer asked.

New autopsy shows Stephon Clark was shot 7 times, not 8
Instead, Reiber believes Clark was shot as he walked toward officers, who thought he had a gun, prompting them to open fire. Video recorded from a helicopter helped him determine which way Clark's body was facing when he was shot, Reiber wrote.

Others talked about Paddock "blasting out the window" and pointed to "a whole suitcase full of loaded AK mags", referring to ammunition magazines for an AK-47 rifle. They take note of the wires that web throughout the room, but relax when they see that they're linked to an elaborate camera system: they see one perched on a service cart outside the room, and another attached over the peephole.

"How many did he put down, downstairs?" one officer, in a helmet and tactical gear, says to another during a lull after wiping his eye. In other cases, answers remain elusive, leaving victims and their loved ones to struggle with explaining the horror unleashed upon them.

The videos record officers talking about whether there is evidence of a second shooter and finding Paddock's driver's license.

Las Vegas police on Wednesday released some body-camera video from officers responding to the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history. Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation later said they believe the 64-year-old former accountant and high-stakes video poker player acted alone.

The footage doesn't show what the first officer through the door saw because he didn't activate his body-worn camera.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said further video footage, 911 call audio and documents relating to the massacre will be released in the coming weeks.

Officer body-camera video from the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history shows Las Vegas police walking into a casino that's still packed and telling people to get inside and lock the doors. That disclosure by police lawyers late Tuesday raises questions about whether officers followed department policy.