Police look to Regain600G that Dropped out of Brinks truck Inter

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Fox 59 reports ISP has already received tips from license plate numbers of people who may have taken cash. All you could see is those "loose bills flying all over the interstate" and cars stopping with people jumping out. It's not known whether the incident was the result of mechanical failure, or human error, police said.

Although some people may have walked away from the incident richer with pockets filled with free cash, police have announced that anyone who picked up any cash is obligated under law to return it.

McCooe said taking money from the scene was considered theft.

The spill of money out of that armored truck went on for a while, so it wasn't as if someone could stand in one place and guard the fly-away cash.

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Perrine says anyone who picked up the money could be charged with theft and he urged them to contact state police to return it.

They are also getting calls from people who wish to turn in money they found along the interstate. Perrine said an undetermined amount remained unaccounted for after some drivers stopped to scoop up cash.

WHAT WOULD you do if the doors of an armoured truck you were following opened up and bank notes started flying out across the road?

In a video posted to Facebook, a shocked Jazmyne Danae claimed that one man had gone around collecting up the money in a bag. It's unknown whether the business that lost their cash on the road will recover every last dollar.