North London bonfire explosion injures 10

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A huge fireball was set off during a Jewish celebration in London's Stamford Hill, leaving at least 10 people injured after a preacher condemned mobile phones and some were reportedly thrown into the pyre.

The explosion may have been caused by a mobile phone, according to a report by the British newspaper Express, which reported the incident earlier.

However, Jewish news website The Yeshiva World said that, "the explosion was caused by fuel and not the smartphone, although there were definitely multiple smartphones placed inside the pile to burn".

A bonfire exploded in the middle of a crowd of hundreds of people at the event in Stamford Hill, London.

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Footage posted to Twitter shows a massive explosion and fireball causing nearby crowds to duck for cover.

People shrieked and panicked, and people trampled on one another.

The event was marking the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'Omer, which is traditionally celebrated with large bonfires and pilgrimages to the Israeli city of Meron.

The bonfire had been lit to celebrate Lag baOmer, a Jewish festival. "There will be other opportunities".